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Collection & Delivery

For your convenience we are happy to collect your cat or cats from your home and deliver him\her back to you by prior arrangement. The charge for this service is €1.00 per km for the round trip. i.e. if it’s 5 kms from the cattery to your house and 5 kms back to the cattery the cost for the round trip of 10kms would be €10.00 to collect and a total of €20.00 if you’d like us to collect and deliver.

Due to our own committments at Cattery Cottage, there may be times when we are unable to offer this service or particular times of the days that it will not be possible to oblige but in general we do try to accommodate your wishes.

Please ensure that your cats have a sturdy carrier which can be securely closed. For their own comfort whilst travelling, it is preferable that you have a separate carrier for each cat.

We suggest that your cat’s carrier is lined with newspaper rather than towels or blankets as many cats are upset by even a short car journey and can be sick or worse! Newspaper is easily disposed of and then they still have the towel or blanket from home to lie on whilst they are in the cattery.

Payment of all charges to be made in advance of collection of your cat by cash, bank transfer or cheque – we are sorry but we are unable to accept credit or debit cards.

All cats travel at the owner’s risk, although every care will be taken for their comfort and safety.

  • Our Promise

    We are cat lovers, and we promise to treat your cat with as much care and respect as you would.

    Our Promise
  • Accommodation

    Our cat's homes have just been completed and are awaiting their next guests.

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