Cattery Cottage

A holiday home for your furry friends...


Our Cattery comprises single, duplex & larger rooms which allows for spacious accomodation for individuals or families. All our runs are naturally ventilated to ensure the indoor areas are kept fresh and germ free. They are also heated and weatherproof to keep them warm in winter and cool in summer.

Each run has a seperate outdoor area under synthetic wonder grass , to enable your cat to take best advantage of the sun when it shines. There is also a security corridor running the full length of the units for the safety of your cat. We provide scratching posts, tents, tunnels and toys indoors and out.

Each of our runs provides space for one to two cats. Initially we provided a double unit for families of up to 4 cats sharing however we extended and added large units to cater for families of up to 5/6 cats in order to facilitate our customers. Only cats from the same household may share.

Comfy beds and bedding are provided if required and also beanbag cushions for your cat to chill out on. You are encouraged to bring along a small blanket, cushion or an item of your clothing as familiar smells will help your cat to settle in.

As we feel it is essential to keep your cat stimulated we provide scratching posts, tents (a favourite of our own tribe) and lots of other toys, treats & catnip – a must for 80% of felines 🙂 We also offer lots of personalised attention and affection.

The Cattery is situated at the top of our garden looking out onto fields of livestock in summer and various wildlife all year around. There are also plenty of birds for those of our furry friends who enjoy a bit of bird watching!


We offer a wide variety of foods, fresh, moist and dry, including Whiskas, Felix, Purina, Go Cat & KiteKat, to name but a few. Each cat is fed according to its owner’s instructions which can be discussed at time of booking. Adult cats are normally fed twice daily, kittens and elderly cats according to their individual needs. Owners are asked to provide any special prescription diets (ie Science plan etc) themselves.


For the benefit of all our guest all cats must be vaccinated against Feline Infectious Enteritis & upper respiratory infections (Cat Flu) – with proof of same being provided on arrival. No cat suffering from, or suspected to be suffering from any contagious diseases can be accepted. All cats are examined on arrival and we reserve the right to refuse admission to any cat showing signs of ill health pending advice from a veterinary surgeon.

We are unable to accept unneutered male cats over 7mths old.

We hope owners will appreciate these measures are essential in order to safeguard the health of their own cats and indeed all our guests.

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  • Our Promise

    We are cat lovers, and we promise to treat your cat with as much care and respect as you would.

    Our Promise
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    Our cat's homes have just been completed and are awaiting their next guests.

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