Cattery Cottage

A holiday home for your furry friends...



One Cat: € 16.00
Two Cat Sharing: € 25.00
Three Cats Sharing: € 33.00
Four Cats Sharing: € 38.00

All rates shown are per day or part thereof. A full days board is charged for the day of arrival and the day of departure to allow for essential disinfecting and preparation. Cats collected before 10am on the day of departure will not be charged for that day.

An additional €2.00 heating charge per room (not per cat) per day is added from October to April inclusive.
Payment of boarding fees must be made at the time of collection.

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday by Appointment Only
7.30am-10am 4pm-7pm
Sunday by Appointment Only
8.00am-10am 6pm-7pm.

Bookings & Conditions

To book your cat in with us you can simply give us a call on Ph 087 2222550 or email us at

Should you wish to view the Cattery before booking, inspections are welcome – Please call us to arrange a time to suit.

Payment of all charges to be made on collection of your cat by cash or cheque – we are sorry but we are unable to accept credit or debit cards.

We recommend you book your cat in well in advance especially for peak times to avoid disappointment.
Cattery Cottage Closes for the month of November for Annual Holidays – We regret any inconvenience caused.

Travelling Tips

For your cats comfort please ensure the cat box/carrier you choose is secure and big enough for your cat. If your cat is anything like ours (well some of them) they run as soon as they see the carrier appear. To avoid this it’s advisable to leave the carrier around the house a few days before you plan to leave so your cat can become familiar with it. If you’re planning a morning arrival at Cattery Cottage – avoid letting your cat out and about prior to leaving your house – cats are very aware and may have noticed your advance preparations and may decide they have better things to do & not wish for their routine to be disturbed 🙂 Please ensure you line your cats carrier with newspaper to soak up any spills on the journey.

Whilst all these preparations may not stop your cats grumblings en route to Cattery Cottage – they will definitely make the trip more bearable for them and we promise to make their stay well worth the effort for both cat and owner!

  • Our Promise

    We are cat lovers, and we promise to treat your cat with as much care and respect as you would.

    Our Promise
  • Accommodation

    Our cat's homes have just been completed and are awaiting their next guests.

  • Booking

    Click here to to enquire about your feline friends into Cattery Cottage.